Welcome to 'Water Treatments UK Ltd'
Water Treatments UK were originally established as part of an industrial and commercial building company that has been operating since 1973. Now operating independently we continue to provide fast, reliable & cost effective solutions in all areas of water treatment, water hygiene and specialist water consultancy services.
We are able to deliver significant benefits to our clients across a wide range of commercial, industrial, educational, government, health care and non-profit organisations.
  • Our specialist services include: Legionella Risk Assessments, Reviews and Audits
  • Legionella Water Hygiene programmes
  • Microbiological Water Testing & Laboratory services to UKAS standards
  • "Cleaning and Disinfection services to HSE, ACoP L8 and BS6700 standards
  • Water Tank Refurbishment and Replacement Service
  • Water Treatment of Heating, Chillers, Cooling Tower and Evaporative Condenser Systems to BSRIA specification
  • Descaling of Boilers, Calorifiers and Heat Exchangers
  • Pseudomonas Elimination and on-going treatment programmes
  • Pre Water Treatment Programmes, using chemical and non chemical methods
  • Supply, fit and maintenance of Water softeners, De-ionisation, Reverse Osmosis, Demineralisation, Dealkalisation and Ultra Violet systems
If you would like to learn more about our services or require advice on any aspect relating to water please call us on 01753 664467 or email info@water-treatments.co.uk.